Get a Grip!

Clear Silicone Grips for the back of Your Phone, iPad, Tablet & Reader

The Reason

Roughly 33% of device owners break or lose their device at some point in their lives due to one of the following most common device accident reasons: 

Dropped from hand

Dropped into toilet or water

Slipped from lap

Knocked off a table or surface

Drenched by spilled liquid

The Process

Drilling down to basics, magnifying everyday actions regarding our epidemic use of hand held mobile devices, yields an ergonomic truth; Mobile devices are not, and have never been, designed to be easily held.  

Daily accidents are unpreventable, causing stress and anxiety when handling our brand new and expensive devices. We unconsciously grab and hold devices the best way we can. And, we repeat that behavior thousands of times a month; creating a higher risk of potential costly accidents. Joslin Grips was born!

The Solution

The humble Joslin Grip™, or Anti Slip Grips, addresses all 5 of the most common accidents. Our grips were designed to give you a more secure, firm and natural  grip on all your mobile devices; alleviating that stress by lowering the risk of dropping your precious and expensive device!

They also help keep devices from falling off tables, desks, arms chairs, counters, out of pockets and purses, off airplane trays. The soft, tacky comfort of the silicone grip has the added benefit of sticking with unexpected tenacity to just about everything it comes in contact with.


Joslin grips for mobile devices