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Joslin Products, Inc. likes to bring fresh, simple ideas to market and we hope you like our latest effort. We are trying, in our own small way, to provide products that make human sense, are reasonably priced and solve a problem.

The Joslin Anti Slip Grips™ were developed to help you hold on to your slippery mobile devices without adding extra weight.

The 1/2 ounce mobile phone Wafer gives your phone just enough staying power to sit still on most surfaces and is a huge help if you carry a phone in a jeans pocket. Believe us, you will be happy with our little silicone wafer grip that sticks to the inside of your pocket, elevates your phone slightly above wet surfaces and won’t allow your phone to vibrate off a table.

The Cellphone X was created specifically with large cell phones in mind -­‐ androids, smartphones, phablets, Iphone 6 and 6+. It is the perfect addition to your beautiful device that doesn’t distract from the sleek appearance you love. While it works its magic on the back of your device, you will be calmly surprised at the level of comfort and security it provides. None of us want to drop our gorgeous phones and putting a big cover on it adds to weight without giving you the grip you need to keep you from dropping it! First things first. Placing a Joslin Grip™ on your phone won’t guarantee it won’t be dropped but it will certainly decrease the likelihood. If you really do need a cover on your phone, putting a one ounce Joslin Grip™ on the back of it will still give you a new sense of security.

The Open Rectangle was developed to help solve “restless E-reader syndrome” (we made that up) which is visible every time you watch someone trying to sit still and read an E-book or hold on to a mini with one hand and type on it with the other. Even though readers are small and light weight, the amount of hand switching it takes to read a chapter is tiresome. Our rectangular shaped grip is just right for a natural, easy grip. Put your reader on the table next to the pool and know it is slightly elevated above sticky spots while it steadfastly clings to most surfaces.

The simple, practical DOUBLE T is the minimalist grip solution you’ve been wishing for. Designed for the back of a phablet, mini, reader, iPad or tablet, this versatile grip gives you a good grasp holding your device both vertically or horizontally. Perfect for work or home, the “T” is a simple design that works immediately to reduce the stress you feel putting your device down, carrying it in your hand or handing to a customer, student, family member or friend. It’s a natural, easy going grip that allows you to relax.

Our Wings don’t fly, they just help prevent liftoff. Grab your iPad or reader and hang on for dear life. Those wonderful things have a mind of their own when it comes to sitting still and they are darn hard to hold with one hand. So, customize your device. Put the grips in the perfect position for your fingers to grasp and relax. We’ve got you covered.

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