What you say...

  • Greg A.San Diego, CA

    My wife gave me a Slip Grip for my Samsung tablet, wow what a cool device. So easy to hold and when I put it down somewhere it stays. No sliding around on airplane trays or from my pillow when I read at night. I love my Joslin Slip Grip.

  • Tim S.San Diego, CA

    I got a Joslin Grip for my IPhone recently. At first I thought it was a gimmick, but after using it for over a day I seriously can’t imagine using my phone without it! It allows you to hold the device in comfortable and secure ways not possible without it, and yes.. It actually stops the phone from sliding everywhere when it is on my desk. Its one of those things you have to use to appreciate. Amazing product!

  • GregShoreview, MN

    My 9-yr old son grabbed the “wings” from me and slapped them on our family iPad before I could stop him. I’m concerned because now he is able to play Clash of Clans and Minecraft with more ease and it will be harder for me to pry the devices away from him. :-) Great product. Love it!

  • FranchescaSan Marcos, CA

     I’ve used the wafer on my iPhone for about two months now, and I love how I don’t even think about driving off with my phone on the center console in my car anymore. No more slipping around as I drive! Yay! I also use my phone a lot in the kitchen, taking notes and taking pictures as I create recipes, and I love that the wafer gives my phone a slight lift off the counter away from any damaging pools of water and no chance of it sliding around as I rearrange things on the counter. This grip keeps my phone solidly in place, wherever I put it, and I love that.

  • BabakSan Francisco, CA

    “I love the Wings. They are very versatile; they work so well; the fit is very comfortable in my hand!”

  • TimPerris Valley, CA

    I LOVE IT!!!! It (the Rectangle) has given me peace of mind (literally) from it slipping accidently out of my hands. It is so convenient to lay it down on a coffee table, or dinner table, or dinette table w/o having to worry about it slipping off. I can operate my tablet with my fingers w/o having to hold it down when I swipe my finger across the tablet’s screen. I can do the same with my  phone Wafer; I can lay it down on any surface and I don’t worry about it slipping …..I can’t say enough good things about your products ….

  • JonSt.Paul, MN

    The Joslin grips are a must for everyone, but I found an even more vital for use with my mother. She suffers from arthritis and has a hard time keeping the handle on sleek/skinny items. Today’s iPads are very thin and can be cumbersome to keep a good grip. Since I put on the Joslin Grips, she has had a much easier time to hold onto and handle her iPad. Such a great simple product that makes a way of life easier.

  • TimSeattle, WA

    The Wafer is working great on our TV remote. It used to slide around and threaten to fall off the table. No mas!!

  • LindaSan Francisco, CA

    The Wafer is the perfect accessory for my new big smartphone. It fits in my pocket securely and saved me buying an expensive and bulky case. When I place in on the dash, desk or bar, it stays in place, and sits safely above a wet surface if someone spills a drink nearby. People notice that there is something subtly different about my phone. Simple, small and stunningly useful – my Joslin Wafer.

    I put the Rectangle on my iPad, for good grip in portrait or landscape mode. My grandson likes to use my iPad when he visits, and thinks the Rectangle is cool. He used to take the cover off the iPad first thing when he used it – perhaps because it was pink. The problem was, it was too slippery then. No hassle now, and we both agree – this Rectangle is a great idea.

  • Jeanne AnnInver Grove Heights, MN

    I put a set of the NEW wings on both my Kindle and iPad and absolutely love them. Makes it much easier to grip these devices when reading.

  • JoeySan Diego, CA

    I work in a busy restaurant and use my cellphone throughout the day. I used to constantly drop and fumble for my phone, sometimes accidentally dropping and shattering the screen resulting in costly repairs. Since I got the Joslin Grip, I haven’t dropped my phone once. What a life saver. It also provides a secure grip when I am reading lengthy emails or trying to send orders to vendors. Overall, I recommend this product for anyone that uses their phone as much as I do.

  • LisaSausilito,CA

    I tend to have butter fingers when it comes to my slippery smartphone. I looked around for a case, but I didn’t like the extra bulk taking up space in my purse and pocket. So I was really happy to discover JoslinAntiSlipGrips®. Now I can keep a powerful grasp on my phone. I also like how it keeps it from sliding off of things, like my glass coffee table. It’s the perfect solution!

  • SueEdina, MN

    I have used the small Wafer on the back of my I Phone when I was trying a new case that was pretty slippery – and I really like that it does not slip out of my back pocket.

  • SandyMeniffee,CA

    I”ve been using the Wings and Rectangle Joslin Grips for approximately two months and I must say I was surprised how well they have worked on the back of my cell phone and IPad. I have a bad habit of placing my phone on the dash board of our motorhome and it slides to the edge and has fallen to the floor. After I placed the Rectangle Joslin Grips on the back of my cell phone, I placed my phone in the same places as usual and to my surprise it stayed in the same place until I returned home from my trip. I also put the Wings on the back of my IPad and they keep my IPad from moving or sliding as well when I put it on a table or cabinets in our motorhome/home. It takes a lot of pressure to move my IPad and phone once they have been placed on a hard surface. I would totally recommend your product to others and give it a thumbs up!

  • DeeMeniffee,CA

    I just wanted to take the time to tell you ‘thank you’ for such a wonderful product. I have applied your Anti-Slip Grips to my IPad, Galaxy 5 and my Kindle Fire. Oh what a difference it has made. I am notorious for setting my electronic devices in places where they have slipped and fallen. This product has definitely provided the non slip effect as promised. I have placed my items on surfaces since I applied the grips, I no longer worry about my things slipping off counters. Even while driving, my Galaxy 5 remains on the dash without moving. The grips also allow me to hold my electronics in a more secure manner. Now I can hold on to them without them slipping out of my hands. I would recommend this product to anyone. They will get complete satisfaction.

  • NicoleSan Diego

    How great is the wafer!!! :) I am the clumsiest person ever, and that means my iPhone pays the consequences for it too. I have dropped my iPhone so many times it has slipped out of my jeans so many times, ugh but with the wafer not once did it slip out. This anti slip device has prevented my iPhone from a lot of trips in the toilet lol thank you it stays put thank you !! :) great product, will recommend this to all my friends