Open Rectangle Part 1515 J RECTANGLE
Latex Free

The RECTANGLE was designed primarily for use on readers and mini’s to provide a great grip without having to add a heavy cover.  The wonder of a reader can be somewhat diminished because of its size – perfect for viewing but a little too large to easily hold with one hand. It’s also slippery and can be fatiguing to hold when covers are added.

The RECTANGLE provides a restful, one handed grip that allows you to settle down and read. Gone is the worry that you will drop your reader.

The grip will also slightly elevate it above wet or sticky areas and keep it  from slipping on most surfaces.  One RECTANGLE will add 1 ounce to your reader.  This Rectangle may also be used on an iPad or Tablet.


Adhesive sticks to metal, plastic, coated leather and most hard surfaces. After removing the grip from its package and before peeling off the paper to expose the adhesive, lay the grip on the device to confirm exactly where it will be placed. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. THE ADHESIVE ATTACHES JUST ONE TIME, SO CHOOSE PLACEMENT CAREFULLY.


For easiest removal, bend the grip inward until a gap is created between the adhesive and paper at the apex of the bend. Carefully peel off paper cover. Try not to touch the adhesive while applying the grip. Once placed, press hard on the grip for a few seconds to assure a firm seal and to eliminate air bubbles. (See photos to the left illustrating the paper removal).


To remove the Joslin Anti Slip Grips™, peel the grip off of the device. If adhesive residue remains, use an adhesive removal solvent to clean the surface.


El adhesivo se une a metal, plástico, cuero revestido y la mayoría de superficies duras. La superficie debe estar limpia y libre de grasa y suciedad. Mida el lugar donde sus dedos sujetarán el dispositivo, aplique la cinta aisladora y presione fuerte para pegar el adhesivo.

L’adhésif colle aux métaux, plastiques, cuir traité et la plupart des surfaces solides.  La surface doit être propre, sains graisses ni salissures. Mesures là ou vos doigts vont soutenir la pièce, prenez avec soin et pressez avec force pour que l’adhésif tienne.

Klebestift auf Metall, Kunststoff, beschichtetes Leder und die meisten harten Oberflächen. Die Oberfläche muss sauber und frei von Fett und Schmutz sein. Messen Sie, wo Ihre Finger das Gerät greifen wird, tragen Sie den Griff an und drücken Sie hart, um den Klebstoff festzusetzen.

L’adesivo si attacca a metallo, plastica, pelle ricoperta e alla maggior parte delle superfici rigide. La superficie deve essere pulita e libera da grasso e sporco. Misurate dove le dita afferreranno il dispositivo, applicate l’impugnatura e premete forte per far aderire l’adesivo.

接着剤は、金属、プラスチック、コーティングされた革と大部分の固い表面に付いています。 表面はきれいでなければならなくて、油とほこりを含まなくなければなりません。 指が装置をつかむところを測って、グリップを適用して、接着剤をセットするために激しく押してください。

Ang pandikit ay dumidikit sa bakal, plastik, pininturahang balat at sa karamihan ng mga matigas na ibabaw. Malinis dapat ang ibabaw at walang grasa at dumi. Sukatin kung saan hahawakan ng iyong mga daliri ang kagamitan, hawakan nang mahigpit at idiin mabuti para idikit ang pandikit.


يلتصق اللاصق بالمعادن والبلاستيك والجلود المغلفة ومعظم الأسطح الصلبة. يجب أن يكون السطح نظيفا وخاليا من الشحوم والأوساخ. و ينبغي قياس المكان حيث ستكون أصابعك عند امساك الاداة، أطبق قبضتك و اضغط بقوة لوضع لاصق.

粘合 能够粘在金属、塑料、 涂 的皮革和大部分硬 表面上。表面 干 ,无油 或灰 。  抓握   手指的位置,安放好把手,用力按 ,使其粘 牢固。

Brand Name:  Joslin Anti Slip Grips™- Rectangle

Model Number:  1515 J

Package Dimension:  7 inches (17.78cm) long, 5 inches (12.7cm) wide, 1/2 inch (12.7cm) deep

Package Weight:  1.75 ounces (49.6g)

Item Weight:  1 ounce (28.4g)

Product Dimensions:  4.5 inches (11.4cm) long, 3.5 inches ( 8.89cm) wide, 1/4 inch (0.635cm) deep

Possible uses:  Readers, iPads, tablets, mini’s, clip boards, notebooks, monitoring devices, laptops for gripping and elevated cooling.

Price: $ 14.99

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